MAISON CYMA at Startup Fashion Week 2015 and Their Thoughts on the Fur Industry

Montreal based MAISON CYMA  were a showstopper to say the least at Startup Fashion Week earlier this month.

Their designs have an initiative that seeks to honor and glorify animal life. MAISON CYMA provide a voice to the creatures whose freedom and skin is taken for profit in the fur industry.

“We want to raise social awareness about the recycling of fur and to awaken the collective mind to the value of animal life. We wish to convey the idea that fur is not a simple fabric but that one can produce because one has the power to do so.” – MAISON CYMA


We honor the lives of these animals by offering them a second life in the most beautiful way possible. By recycling raw material, we end the short life cycle of fur. We also innovate by creating detachable fur pieces that allow the client to wear their MAISON CYMA garment with or without the fur embellishment allowing it to be wearable [for] 4 seasons.” – MAISON CYMA


I asked a series of questions with the designing duo via email here’s what they had to say.

 What was the inspiration behind the collection?
The collection is called Ethereal TOTEM. We really wanted each piece of clothing channeled through the energy of the animal from which we use the fur from.
In terms of design, we were inspired by the Baroque era. You will find lots of details like our handmade smocking, fish leather and fluidity that we mixed with contemporary graphic lines.

 How was your experience at SFW?
We really enjoyed having the feedback of the Toronto Fashion scene. We met lots of great people, met clients and was just blown away by the positive response we got. The show was amazing and we are really grateful for this experience.


How was your stay in Toronto?

Toronto is such an amazing city; we stayed downtown with our family in a beautiful condo and we had the opportunity to show them around a little. We were very busy with the Fashion Show and didn’t have the time to visit a lot but we enjoyed the city as mush as we could.


There’s two of you. What are the roles you and your partner have in MAISON CYMA?
Since we are a startup and we do everything ourselves, we both touch on everything from the design to the finished products. However, we have our specific field of expertise. Mary-Jo is the production director and Cynthia is the general director.


What advice would you give a designer starting out?
You need to always remember your goals and work towards them. You also need to believe in yourself and never let your fears become bigger than your dreams.
MAISON CYMA: Mary Jo and Cynthia
What’s next

For now we are focusing on launching the brand in major urban cities in North America and Europe. We are full of creative ideas so be ready to see lots of exciting projects and collaborations. Product wise, you can expect to see an accessory line soon and other unique designs. We are super excited of what is to come and hope you will follow us in this journey.
Questions by: John Samuels
Photos by: Andrew Davy Raw

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