Pepper Couture: Designing to Raise Awareness of Woman’s Rights|Startup Fashion Week 2015


Omit Limitation had the pleasure of seeing many collections at Startup Fashion Week earlier this month. The collection BOLD Evolution by Leandra Pepper, owner, creative director and designer of Pepper Couture is one to look out for in the fashion industry; a stunning collection of white and red evening gowns.

Peppers collection, BOLD Evolution, is made up of ten looks and is dedicated to raising awareness of women’s rights and equality issues around the world. The collection told a story on the runway, a story of a young lady becoming a woman.

The first five looks were white. These represented the purity of a young woman and each piece drew inspiration from different eras of woman’s fashion. Then Pepper finished the white section with a symbolic wedding dress look.


After the wedding is the honeymoon. The white was followed by five modern, vibrant, red dresses signifying a young lady becoming a woman! It was an emotionally moving runway presentation.

“The clothing themselves are very sexy, woman are sexy.” – Leandra Pepper


The models walked the runway fiercely, showing off the detail, crotchet patterns and fur accents in the garments, and the overall craftsmanship of Pepper’s hand.

During a conversation with Pepper backstage I asked what her thoughts on feminism were, she replied,

“I decided to dedicate this line to women’s rights and equality because I have found that many people in Canada don’t realize it’s still an issue around the world. Even here in Canada, women sometimes get paid significantly less than a man in the same field performing the same job just due to their sex. I feel that people just don’t know this is still an issue in todays society. So instead of only showing my collection, I wanted to use it to try to make a difference in society, hopefully encouraging someone to go home and learn more about the issues at hand, resulting in a change.”

An entrepreneur, runway show producer, and head designer, 22 year old Pepper is now paving her way in the fashion scene.

“I want to be an inspiration to youth, especially to young girls. I had a challenging adolescence. I was bullied and felt like I would never amount to anything. In my adult life, and thanks to the fashion industry, I was able to over come those feelings. I want to prove to youth that things will get better and when you find that one thing you’re passionate about, just run with it!” – Pepper

And now Pepper is breaking barriers and stigmas through her designs.

Pepper Couture will be launching their website very soon at Their team of graphic designers are working diligently to bring the best representation of the brand to e-commerce.

You can find Pepper Couture on Social Media and order online:

@ Peppercouture

Words by: John Samuels
Photos by: Davy Raw

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