Drew Howard and Birthday Boy Pair Up to Release “Music to Soothe the Savage Youth”

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Toronto based artist Drew Howard from the See You Never collective and producer Birthday Boy team up to release their new EP, “Music To Soothe the Savage Youth”.  The project pinpoints a new sound coming out of the city consisting of groove infused tracks and R&B melodies contrasted with an unorthodox yet intriguing rap style.

Stream”Music To Soothe the Savage Youth” below.


The first track, They Love Me posses a leaned out flow about counting money, shitting on n****s in the city, getting his homies off the streets, and how all of a sudden people love him.

The project then follows up with Benny and Lil’ Ze, an ode to being on drugs and why people got to hate instead of showing Drew love.

In the third track, Robin Williams Drew brings up his ego and pretty much not to talk to him unless you got some Xanax. The chorus is addicting and the ad-libs are a treat.

The interlude states, “let me fuck your mind” and brings up doing lines in the bathroom in a sonically ambient way.

 I Won’t Judge You has an nice R&B vibe to it. With Drew singing about the Toronto way, and a girl that’s “bout it”, the beat that birthday boy lays down is super chill with guitar.

The last track has Drew singing with clearer rhymes and not so much of his signature syrupy flow. Drew raps about how you only have one chance in life so don’t mess it up. No Pressure leaves a  strong message about his mom and his situation if he makes it on the come up. Drew dabbles more deeply on how his mother deserves way more, he also mentions having sex with numerous girls from IG and questions himself how they get to him, it’s as if he’s having a conversation with himself in the track. Drew mentioned in the song,

“I’m not saying that he’s different, I’m not saying he’s the same, what I’m saying is I hope he really change; no pressure”.

A more personal track which left a touching conclusion and resonate impression.

Overall “Music To Soothe the Savage Youth” is unorthodox but it’s really intriguing and impressive, I love it. Birthday Boy’s production is quality, the different flows Drew has in his arsenal blended with those R&B vocals work. The marriage of the two artists makes everything sound experimental and refreshing.

If you like listening to rhymes over chill, trippy beats, you’ll love this EP. If you like partying on drugs, vibing out to chill beats with rapping about doing drugs, girls, falling in love, trapping, sex, and money… you’ll still really dig this EP.

Words by: Daniela Campos
Daniela Campos is a contributor for Omit Limitation currently living in Toronto.

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