The Alley VI Date + The Alley V Recap Video


Our Alley shows are an one of a kind mainly because you never know what to expect. With a variety of artists from different musical genres coming together to showcase, the vibe is like no other accompanied with a crowd that carries the show’s energy to the very end.

It’s exciting to see how many artists are bubbling around Toronto and Omit Limitation is looking for raw talent to grace The Alley VI stage. The date for the show is December 12th at Studio Bar (824 Dundas St. W).

Looking to showcase?

Shoot an email to with the following:

  1. Tell us how you would rock The Alley VI stage
  2. 1 to 2 of your latest songs
  3. Links to your social media

Watch the full recap video of Alley V bellow. Cinematography by Andrew Davy.

Performance List:

01:44 – Bexk
02:50 – Dizzy Dinero
05:30 – Rex World
09:23 – The Loon
10:50 – Mez Mariye
17:50 – Maccie Paquette
24:49 – Juvon Taylor
33:30 – Dynesti Williams
38:05 – TJ
44:04 – Erik Flowchild
52:28 – Sydanie
58:19 – Just John



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