5 Canadian Streetwear Brands You Should Know


Over the years, streetwear has seen a huge amount of growth. Starting from basic screen printed tees and hats, many streetwear brands have built themselves from the bottom up. With fashion and style becoming more accessible due to social media, everyone is trying to find a way to stand out, which means finding brands that aren’t super popular (yet).

In Canada, that’s always been difficult. It’s always been about American brands and buying things overseas. Thankfully, that’s changing. There are now over a dozen brands (new and old) that have made a name for themselves and are now highly coveted. Here’s a list of 5 streetwear brands you should know.

1. Needs & Wants


Created in 2013, Needs & Wants is a Toronto based brand that prides itself on its design, quality, and minimalism. They also have expanded their collection to included fragrances, and a small publication mag.

2. Atelier New Regime


A Montreal-based brand, New Regime is made “for the modern man”.  What stands out about New Regime is their colour palettes, vibrant oranges and deep greens. Mixing longline pieces with their staple items like “The Block is Hot” turtle necks and “Fuck You Pay Me” sweatshirts, New Regime is slowly carving out their niche.

3. Legends League


If you live or are from Toronto, you probably already know about Legends League. If you don’t, you’ve probably been living under a rock. Founded by Bryan Espiritu in 2007, Legends League was originally a blog that was a result of the hard life Espiritu endured. Fast forward to now, Legends League have opened up a stand-alone shop in downtown Toronto. With original designs and artwork, Legends League is a Toronto staple.

4. Peace Collective


If you don’t know Peace Collective by name, that’s alright. You’ve probably seen a few of their “Toronto vs. Everybody” and “Home is Toronto” shirts. City pride aside, what makes this brand different from the others is that with their partnership with Breakfast For Learning, for every item sold, a weeks worth of school meals across Canada is provided for children.

5. Raised by Wolves


Raised by Wolves is another brand coming from Montreal that mixes #cozywear with rugged streetwear that’ll last through the seasons. RBW has seen a huge jump in popularity over the years, partly due to them consistently collaborating with talented photographers such as trashhand and Rupert LaMontagne.

What are your favourite Canadian streetwear brands?

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