Watch Xolisa’s “The Fallen” (Video)



Toronto based MC/Producer, Xolisa (pronounced Koh-Lee-Sah) releases the music video for her newly released single, “The Fallen” which stands as the first single (and music video) off of her upcoming 2016 LP release entitled, “And Gaps Do Lead To Bridges”.

Watch the full clip here.

Continues below.

Directed by Xolisa, co-directed and filmed by Asantefilm, “The Fallen” stands as the emcee’s 6th music video to date and what viewers will quickly come to realize moments after pressing play, is that Xolisa has chosen to offer a different side to the vulnerability and intimacy that we’ve come to familiarize ourselves with her videos. In this visual, Xolisa can’t be found delivering a solo performance head-onto the lens – spitting her unorthodox yet familiar flow. What we see instead, is a Xolisa who steps back from the forefront to allow the nostalgic boom bap of her production and her fluid delivery narrate a story told visually by the video’s main character (Jemelle Williams, founder of Xolisa’s management team Urban Evolution Enterprise) who plays a young widower facing the burial day of his late wife, as he carries around with him the memory of her essence.

Xolisa explains, “The Fallen is a song that focuses on the bond between two individuals who had the plans of living a full life together, conquering the world together – going full throttle in making something of themselves. With this music video, I wanted to continue to tell that story by giving a more defined and intimate look at that bond and who the individuals of that bond are, or could be. For decades spanning back, we’ve had loved ones stripped from our lives due to war, violence, disease, accidents, age…loved ones who each have lived their own specific legacy. Depicting decades of past loss can look like so many different things on screen however, I chose to zero in on the companionship between a man and a woman and their dynamics as a couple. I chose to focus on the reality that we are all experiencing our own personal “hell”. I chose to explore the question of “what I would be leaving behind in my music, in my love and in my relationships, once I’ve served my time here on this earth?”. I chose to show just one man’s mental, spiritual, physical and emotional sorting process as he goes through just one day of what will be many days of accepting, healing and moving forward from the loss of his fallen companion, best friend and love. The thing is, this is just one man’s experience…we still have a world of hurting hearts surrounding us.



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