Watch Libsyd Read’s Short Film “S L A V E S”

Libsyd Read never falls short to give you a featured film for his releases. This time he shares a visual for “S L A V E S” a record off his recently released album, Intrinsic Futuristic.

A moody piece of cinema, S L A V E S is Read’s representation of the modern day slave and how our self indulgence is consuming our lives. The film uses different scenarios to pinpoint certain vices and addictions that can stop us or distract us from getting what we desire. It’s shot in a remarkable way, I won’t give away too much but the car riding out to Read’s melodies is captivating alone. The film and the record are a great marriage.

I recommend you to be high while watching this or grabbing some popcorn could work too, whatever your fix is.

Watch S L A V E S below.

Continues below.

Libsyd Read’s Film Analysis:

The temptation has come. So in a desperate attempt to flee from the temptations of the world, he drives into the night.

He knows better. Stalling won’t fix the problem, though it could buy him some time to figure things out. He lights a smoke, but somehow, has already arrived in the parking lot.
It’s a hard fight when your inches away from pleasure.
So he falls.

“Stay here.” – A choice he has made, to separate himself from God.
He has now blinded himself to true life, while also creating a distance in the relationship. Now he’s alone.
The sacred and intimate gift of the body he once elevated, is now stripped of it’s value; due to a flesh that craves it, and a world that produces it.
The very emptiness he was trying to fill in the beginning still remains.

Now there’s a greater hunger that needs to be fed; a hunger that the world cannot satisfy. So he looks beyond, as he did when he gave his life.
Enter the Holy Spirit.
He is receptive, and feels the conviction.
He then responds, mourning his sin that caused this devastating separation. He pleads for forgiveness, reconciling the relationship.

When you live for self, you serve self and self’s urges.
A servant to self.
The modern-day slave.




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