Morimoto Seranades With “For Me & Ladie” LP

Sen Morimoto, a Chicago MC and producer, recently released his LP “For Me & Ladie”, a romantic rap-jazz album infused with a lot of sax.

Everything in this LP is created by Morimoto himself, except for the vocals on track # 8, “Torture Love”. He recorded everything in his bedroom, produced every beat, did all of the rapping/singing except for the one track feature, and even created the album artwork, which is impressive.


You will also enjoy this body of work if you bump songs about drugs, girls, contradictions about being in love with the thought of love, being bad with a like-minded chick who is down to get freaky with you, etc.

My favourite track is “My Romance” because of the line, “Why are we wired to think its so, wrong to do the things we wanna do?  Who decided that united we would try to loose, everything that makes us human. Try to hide the truth”, which sums up another big chunk of what the LP is about and it can’t get any realer than that, I think anyone can relate.

Stream “My Romance” below.






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