What To Expect At The Alley VI

TJ performing at our last Alley showcase in July.
TJ performing at our last Alley showcase in July.

Experience the underground like never before This Saturday December 12th at Studio Bar. Omit Limitation’s Alley VI takes over and is sure to shutdown the place.

Our Alley shows are an one of a kind mainly because you never know what to expect. With a variety of artists from different musical genres coming together to showcase, the vibe is like no other accompanied with a crowd that carries the show’s energy to the very end.

We have fourteen featured artists ready to rip the stage! Here’s a track by each artist that stood out to me and if you give them a listen you might find some of your new favourite Toronto artists at the show.

Here’s a sneak peek of the experience below.

1. Erik Flowchild – Peace

erik edittt
Erik Flowchild never forgets the fundamentals of hip-hop when you hear his records and his live performance is one to watch.

In “Peace” I like how the record states how entertainers and artists aren’t the same thing and as an artist we should try to become like the ones we look up to; the legends, the greats. If we go with the flow, our soul will survive. Check out Peace below.



GOLDHEART has been making strides around the Toronto music scene since leaving Montreal to pursue her career.

In “Dark” GOLDHEART focuses on seeing through the fake and the pretty in the city. The music video has a simple concept but the visual brings the track to another level. Seeing her rehearse the other night confirms that a lot of vibes are in store.

3. Just John – Inner City Kids ft. The Loon

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Just John continues to evolve as an artist and the Alley series makes you feel like you’re kind of growing with him. With every Alley show John releases some new music he’s working on. Last time he leaked “Mediocre” which continues to buzz.

A song that resonated with me is “Inner City Kids”. Inner City Kids is John’s documentation of being a Scarborough boy trying to figure out his life in the bustling metropolis of Toronto. I like how different his voice is compared to other rappers, it’s really unique, not to mention what he spits is real, “empty belly keeps my mind full that one day it’s gunna come” is my favourite line off the track because it shows his hunger for success.

Just John continues to make moves with his publication, music and clothing line (which he wears in his music video, nui-sance) etc….with everything else he does. Look out for an energy packed performance by him with a lot of new releases.

4. Don Meeno – Love Don’t Live Here ft W5vy Davis


We last had Don Meeno at The Alley II and it’s been a longtime coming to have him back. Since then, Don Meeno and his S.O.S collective have been consistently releasing quality material.

For example, “Love Don’t Live Here” is a banger and the beat is unreal. The video has a dark Halloween vibe to it which is when the video actually dropped. The record to me is about how there isn’t any love and how that alone hasn’t gotten him anywhere. Don Meeno escapes the madness by rolling up weed and drowning his emotions in drugs while doing what he does best; creating music.

5. Libsyd Read – Numb


Libsyd Read, the Christian ambient singer out of Milton is sure to captivate this weekend.

I like how chill Read’s EDM type beats are in his recently released project, “Intrinsic Futuristic”. “Numb” stood out to me  a lot because Read touches on human beings habits and temptations that we give into in everyday life using biblical scriptures to further connect with his listeners.

6. Gadda – Someone


Gadda never holds back when it comes to his live show. And he planes to get you high from his vibe.

His recent teaser “Someone” is a snippet of what he can do, it’s simple video yet powerful and very catchy.

7. Elcee – Answer


Elcee is a very versatile artist and is constantly gigging around the city. There’s no doubt he will have the audience geared up at The Alley VI.

In “Answer” Elcee talks about if your being positive you gotta stay positive and keep your circle strong because if you have those who believe in what you do and vice versa then it will keep you motivated.

8. WHILLA – Unapologetic


We first discovered Whilla through a music submission. Her record blew us off our seats with literally no apology.

Whilla’s voice reminds me of Amy Winehouse over electric type beats. Her voice is powerful and the lyrics are simple yet beautiful.

9. AVAH COCO – Room for Love


I like that Coco has her own sound. Room For Love has her singing on an electric type beat produced by herself. You can tell Coco’s vibe is dark and unorthodox which makes her sound sonically intriguing. I’m looking forward to see her live performance at The Alley.

10. Jazzy Monika – Just One Look


Jazzy Monika is sure to serenade the audience.

Her track,”Just One Look” reminds me of an old school love R&B track. Jazzy’s voice is beautiful and at only 18 years old, very impressive.



Jimmyfromeastyork is filled with high energy and vibes. Who know what’s in store for his set but I’m sure it will be along the lines of gritty and explosive. Check out “Thug’nN” below.

12. Michael Powers – Back to Back remix


Michael Powers has been seasoning his craft for a couple years now with releasing singles and covers consistently. But now the Westend rapper is ready to take his game to a whole another level. Michael is one to watch this Alley.

13. Anzola – So & So


Anzola stood out to me the most because he isn’t a singer or rapper, he just makes beats live and they’re trippy as hell! His track “So & So” featuring Rebecca Roger has a spacey vibe to it and the simple lyrics match the feel of the song which is nice. Anzola took the house down at The Alley IV last year and we’ll see if he can do it again this time around.

14. BLUES – Black Watch


This track is one of my favourites, I love how pure BLUE’S voice is and she sings about a man with soul, you feel what she’s saying. Her melodies are catchy they resonate in your head long after the song is finished.

The featured artists were handpicked by our team but anyone else who is looking to perform can come to the event early (as soon as doors open) to perform for our Open Mic. This can give you a chance to be heard, connect and get comfortable on stage.

Hopefully you get to see the artists perform live this weekend and enjoy the talent these Toronto artists have to offer. I enjoy a lot of their music and how different they  all are. We have indie, R&B, rap/hip-hop, electronic, and more at The Alley.

I hope to catch you there vibin’ out to something you’ll love and if you’re into multiple genres…even better. Maybe even some of the Open Mic performers will catch your attention. There will also be local brands selling their goods so don’t miss out this Saturday evening.



Words by: Daniela Campos
Daniela Campos is a contributor for Omit Limitation currently living in Toronto.





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