Pick Your Style: Michelle Savage

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Staff Photographer Glenn Pritchard will be picking the minds of some of Toronto’s most stylish, classic and alternative, in this new section. This week Michelle Savage poses for a photo set in a faux fur jacket over the always relevant Star Wars tee, paired with a velvet skirt, tights and killer YRU spandex, knee-high platforms.

View Michelle’s look and read her interview below.

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Michelle Savage
Toronto, born and raised

Style inspiration?
My city. My fave looks are contradicting: street wear vs business.

Where do you shop?
Untitled & Co, f as in frank, black market, American apparel, UO for basics.

DSC_3039 copy
How does your style change day to day?

I’m a free spirit so I feel that my style adapts to however I’m feeling on a daily basis. I can never pick out an outfit in advance because once the date comes to wear it, I might just not feel it the same way and then I either have to change the whole thing or accessorize differently.

DSC_3036 copy
Style god?

Karl Lagerfeld of course.

Fav designer?
Cameron Wilson from untitled&co. I love supporting any brands made and coming straight from Toronto.

DSC_3187 copy
New v used?

New is fun but used is an adventure.

Adapt or resist trends?
Depends on the trend, I don’t like anything basic but sometimes you can turn something basic into something original in your own way.

DSC_3130 copy

How do you use your style to express yourself?
I’ve always felt that the way you present yourself to the public plays the biggest part of your own self expression. I enjoy being different but at the same time,  keeping it classy. My style is always changing just like me so I guess you can say I’m constantly adapting to my own personal growth.


All photos by Glenn Pritchard

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