FIVE+: A New Year’s Experience (Recap)

Happy 2016! Whether you chose to chill at home or party until sunrise on New Year’s Eve, I hope the night treated you well.

I haven’t been out for the countdown in a while, so I decided to hit up an event to commemorate – the event being FIVE+.

Organized by 5 ‘shamans’ (Provoke, Bespoke.Experience, SummerDaze, Lovelution, and Way of Acting), the amazon-themed affair was most definitely different from any countdown I’ve been to – and this isn’t considering that it was held in a warehouse that is closing down.

Held at 340 Dufferin, the former location of KUDA Furniture warehouse, FIVE+ is more than a night full of music. There’s also a culinary marketplace, Sound Therapy & Meditation, live painting, and a massage booth; it’s part of a seemingly increasing trend for events to be about more than just music, and offers a diverse experience all around.

There’s two different rooms of sound offered at the event. One room, which can be appropriately termed as ‘the warm room’, features a mix of some wayback Top 40, Tech House, Future House and the like. Amidst the warm lighting was a plethora of different-coloured lights, some shuffling, and drinks in hand, as people were losing themselves to the sounds of this room.

The other room, which I like to call ‘the cool room’, has a mix of blue and green lighting, which helps some fluorescent/neon attire and objects to stand out. The music is much deeper and transcendent, and the crowd itself is much more low-key as compared to the other room – yet the vibes are just as high in this room.

And despite the long lineups for the bathroom, there is a huge roll of bubble wrap for people to play with, which surprisingly eases the discomfort and impatience.

Amongst the lineup of DJs throughout the night, the New Year’s countdown is held while local DJ James Drummond is on the decks, and is followed by well-wishes, hugs and some passionate kisses to usher in 2016.

The event is a hit, and we went back for round 2 the following night to continue the New Year’s festivities!

Many thanks to the Shamans for such wondrous and magical moments.

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