Watch Devontee’s – “Hunger Pains”

Devontee, a rapper from Toronto has just dropped a new music for his track “Hunger Pains” from his project District Vibe. The track is produced by Devontee himself, mix/mastered by Evan “Q” Stewart, and directed by Ram.

The visuals in this video is Devontee rapping in Toronto on Blake Street near a No Frills where he came up in, driving through the city, and rapping in his crib in Hollywood Hills. It ends with him, his friends and family praying and ready to eat at the dinner table thanking the Lord for everything they have and to bless them all with more success and opportunities.



The lyrics in the track is him reminiscing about how he had hunger pains and how now he makes money which is shown in the video as well by how nice his house is, the furniture in it, and the food he eats.

Overall, the visuals bring the track to a new level and it’s a classic ode to his roots. For sure worth a watch.

Check out Devontee’s “Hunger Pains” music video above.




Words by: Daniela Campos
Daniela Campos is a contributor for Omit Limitation currently living in Toronto.



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