Pick Your Style: Vonny Lorde

This week staff photographer Glenn Pritchard linked up with Vonny Lorde to shoot and discuss her dark but feminine style. Read the interview below.
Vonny Lorde


Born and raised in Toronto

Tell us a little about yourself? 
I’m just another weird kid from the west end of Toronto. I’m a photographer striving to make people feel badass while putting out creepy concepts as well. I enjoy horror movies, video games, and excessive greasy food. Oh, and I think serial killer documentaries are rad.

Where do you shop? 
Ssense, American Apparel for basics, small stores along Queen, and anywhere with a large variety of black clothing.

Shop IRL or Online?
I don’t shop online too often unless I’m absolutely sure what I’m buying is gonna look good on me. My main problem is thinking a piece is nice until I try it on and see it on myself.

You’re not from downtown but you’re not from the suburbs, how would you say the city inspires or influences your style, or does it at all? 
My part of town definitely doesn’t inspire how I dress, that’s for sure. I always end up standing out but it doesn’t bother me. Despite working downtown, I don’t think it influences my style either. How often do you see a black girl with grey hair and dressed in all black? I get stopped by strangers pretty frequently.

DSC_5748 copy
Does anything else inspire your style? 

The music I listen to is what really influences how I dress. I dig rap/trap/hip-hop as much as any other urban kid but my heart with forever be with metal/alternative/etc (fun fact: Korn & Slipknot are two of my favourite bands). I always loved the grungy look and wanted to pull it off since I was younger. It was only recently I felt like I really could.

Sunrise or sunset? 
Sunset for sure. I like when it gets darker. Most of my ideas come to me at night.

New or vintage/thrift?
I usually buy my clothes new, but there are just some pieces you can’t get brand new. Thrift stores really do have gems.

DSC_5813 copy
Free tats or free camera gear?
As much as I love tattoos, (I have around 20, surprisingly) free camera gear for sure. I don’t think most people realize how expensive camera gear can really be.

Does your style change day to day or would you say you’re a one trick pony?
I guess it really depends on how I’m feeling. I find it hard for me to dress feminine but I will switch up the ripped jeans for a dress every now and then.

Style god?
Kanye West. Aside from being my overall idol, he manages to pull off everything he wears so effortlessly.


Fav designer?
Yohji Yamamoto & Rei Kawakubo (couldn’t pick just one)

Money or love?
Money would be great. My mom loves me enough for everyone.

Adapt to trends or fight them?
If I like something then I like it, trend or not. I wouldn’t call myself trendy though. Not at all.

Used shoes?
No. I like the idea of getting brand new shoes, breaking them in & really making them yours.

First job?
My first job was at Tim Hortons and I absolutely hated it. Everyone should try toasted timbits though.

How do you use your style to express yourself?
My style is a great way to silently express my attitude. Whether it be my “Anti-You” or “Casually Cruel” patches or my “I Hate Everyone” jacket, I’m pretty sure people I walk by get the message.

DSC_5786 copy

Local or International brands?
I’m all for local brands. Toronto has mad talent and I believe we need to feed it.

90’s or contemporary hip-hop?
Contemporary hip-hop.

Whats up next in terms of work/life? 
I’d love to end my retail stress and land a job in a studio. Would definitely love to be able to do my creative work on a daily basis and have it pay the bills. Until then I’m just going to keep shooting. Life will take me where I need to be so as of now I’m not too worried.

All images shot by Glenn Pritchard.

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