Pick Your Style: William Darc

This week staff photographer Glenn Pritchard got to shooting with local DJ and recording artist, William Darc to delve deeper into the lifestyle that inspires his sable style. Read the full interview below.

William Darc


Mississauga, Ontario

Tell me more about yourself?
I never really figured out what I’d say if I was asked this question. You could say I’m an artist, I really just think I’m working with what I have. Thankfully art, in all its diversity, has always played an important role in my life, it’s really let me put my creativity to good use. I started singing and writing from young, inspired by everything I had going on around me. I really got into fashion when I had the money to spend and was able to pick things out or make things for myself.


Where do you like to shop?
F as in Frank, Value Village, The Bay, Black Market and a lot of custom t-shirt spots.

Shop IRL or Online?
IRL, I’m a big guy, not everything fits me just because of my size.

Living in the core of the metropolis what about the city inspires your style choices?
The grunginess, it definitely carries my lifestyle choices.

Does anything else inspire your style?
I pick things here and there from blogs or people that I see or being worn or worn in a certain way. I find that goes a lot into my style than anything else.


Read or watch?
Watch, I’m definitely one for visuals and textures.

New or vintage/thrift?
Depends, I like to mix both, but I probably own more thrifted things than anything else.

Would you say your style changes day to day?
It matters if I’ve seen anything new that i’ve liked recently.


Style god?
I’m probably the worst person for that kinda’ stuff, I don’t really watch anybody or go anywhere specific to catch a trend, there’s nobody I really idolize either. I have always fucked with skateboarders though, as weird as that sounds, their style always seemed comfy.

Favourite designer?
I don’t really have one, but I can say I really admired Pierre Cardin’s use of colour and shapes in his looks from the 70’s to the 90’s. If I’m to name someone current I like my friend Michael,  behind [cut by] KIRA, I really fuck with his mix of simple chaos, burnt and torn pieces with such full and clean concepts.


Money or love?
Having all the money in the world doesn’t give you what someone who loves you gives you.

Adapt to trends or fight them?
Fight them, things don’t have to be in season or relevant to wear them; just wear what looks good.


Used shoes?
I mean as long as the person took care of them.

Where are you working right now?
A couple studios in the queen west area, really trying to find the right sound.

How do you use your style to express yourself?
I’m not even sure, I kind of like being unapproachable while still being a nice person.

Local or international brands?
Either, or. I really just like what looks good.

90’s or contemporary hip-hop?
I really liked Biggie & Rakim but I won’t lie, I was listening to a lot more R&B. I got into rap a little more into the 2000’s with 50 cent and artists in that circle but then again I also spent a lot of time listening to Maroon 5 or Fall out Boy, a lot of punk bands or folk music.


Does your music influence your style at all? Or does your style influence your music? Or neither?
I like to keep things consistent, the brand will always be dark so I feel my style and music will always collide.

Whats up next in terms of work/life?
Hoping to keep this creative thing moving forward, there is definitely a lot I want to accomplish in terms of music and other passions over the next couple years.

All photos by Glenn Pritchard 

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