Don Meeno Shares “Giinchy 5x” (LP)


Don Meeno, a rapper based in Toronto originally from Hamden Connecticut just recently dropped a new album “Giinchy 5x”. The 16 track LP has production by Rhare, ADOTTHEGOD, CMPLX, TWOTone, and others.

The first half of the project has Meeno focusing on his lyrical ability and around the half way point it  transitions into a more chill vibe which is much more auto-tune induced. The beats are catchy, hype and are really impressive.

The album is good summary of the Giinchy lifestyle that Don Meeno and his camp brand heavily. Serving records about the grind, money, proving to those he succeeds in life, smoking, drinking, living scandalous, the come up and being independent/self-made.

Track #7, “Attitude” is a more personal track that stood out to me. The track is all about how Meeno never met his father, his mother working 2 jobs to put food on his plate and how the streets taught him how to get money.

Don Meeno continues to deliver new content on a consistent basis so I can only look forward to see what visuals come out of this body of work.

Stream “Giinchy 5x” below.

Words by: Daniela Campos
Daniela Campos is a contributor for Omit Limitation currently living in Toronto.




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