Naomi Rakhsha |Exhibit at Projector Gallery

There is talk that it’s hard for one to get their start in a place like Toronto. Naomi Rakhsha, however, wants to prove such a claim wrong. Starting off the year with her first ever Art Showcase, Naomi shows a lot of promise as a talented up-and-coming artist, especially considering that she just recently moved to the city.

Initially, her exhibit was going to center around  desexualizing women, and to show that nudity isn’t all about sex. Her art showcase still focuses around such a theme – and it’s wonderful seeing such a topic brought to light – but over time, Naomi wanted to express who she TRULY is as an artist, and added many more pieces that she has worked on to the show.


Having asked Naomi about what brought all these pieces together, she commented on how it’s surrounded not only by experimentation, but also by the wholesomeness of loving to create art. Being a multifaceted artist, there is no overall style to her works – rather, she comes up with a concept, and brings it to life.

“I’m very drawn to detail… so I’d stress myself out about that. I’m trying to be more ‘painterly’, with my brush strokes – being messier, and being okay with that.”


One piece in particular, named Starman, pays tribute to David Bowie, and highlight’s Naomi’s  attention to detail. Being one of her biggest inspirations, the work holds a lot of significance to Naomi, especially given the fact that it was coincidentally created approximately a month before the pop star’s passing.


Naomi’s art exhibit is currently at Projector Gallery (592 Markham St.), until the 21st. For more of Naomi’s work, check out her website!

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