Relive Unbound II @ 416 Gallery

Spring is slowly on its way, and with more beautiful days than cold ones this winter, the anticipation of good weather has people in good spirits – particularly at the second installment of Unbound this past weekend.

Hosted at Jimmy Chiale’s 416 Gallery, the event features various artwork, from stylized portraits of Jimmy himself, to the female-centric works of Fucci, to two large faces created by Francis Pratt, looming over (and watching) everybody in the gallery.


The featured artwork attracts many artists and passersby alike, each with vastly different interpretations of what is before them. One way in which somebody sees a particular colour, shape, or figure, is nowhere near the way another sees it, bringing about discussion and new ways in which to perceive it.

Within the crowd, however, is a blank easel with tearaway pages, and some markers/paint next to it – throughout the night, there’s always a crowd surrounding it, as people bring spontaneous creations to life before everybody else’s eyes.


As midnight approaches, the DJ booth comes into play, and See You Never’s Happy Tona Boy starts off with his set, which has everybody turning up and singing along. Twin producer duo Lank takes over to close out the night, but not before a dance circle forms where the easel once stood.


With Unbound II being such a success, you can imagine the smiles on people’s faces as they leave the gallery, having experienced such a wondrous blend of creativity and having fun to start off the weekend. Stay tuned for more OL dopeness coming this Spring!

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