TOM FW16: Joao Paulo Guedes

At Joao Paulo Guedes, models walked the runways in French braids, neoprene sweaters and thick luxe turtlenecks, while the colour scheme of the show was heavily reminiscent of marine life, with beautiful blues and greens in kaleidoscopic patterns.

At points, the show felt that it was pulling from two very different sources of inspiration, but managed to still feel like a cohesive collection due to the consistency of the materials (lots of light and thick structured fabrics such as neoprene and thick cottons). Each material was used in way that felt appropriate and true to the nature of each fabric, whether that was a structured neoprene bomber in a prismatic ocean colourway, or an oversized structured grey boucle vest.

While the last few looks felt superfluous to the show as a whole, the vast majority of the looks were incredible well tailored, with wearable, stylish and versatile pieces that would translate straight off the runway — see our favourite looks below.

JOAO TOM2016-0818

JOAO TOM2016-0805

JOAO TOM2016-0856

JOAO TOM2016-0900

JOAO TOM2016-0873

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