Freedom is Real – Omit Limitation’s Gallery Renovation – An Editorial By Vita Cooper


Photography by: Vita Cooper

Omit Limitation has been working away at our new gallery for several weeks now and it continues to be an experience filled with love, blood, sweat and tears. The energy and support from the community makes the dream more tangible each day. The support is felt everywhere, from the local stopping by out of curiosity  to cheer us on, the creatives who have helped us raise funds  and spread word through our indiegogo campaign and of course we can’t forget the one’s not afraid to get a little dirty with us at the space.

Toronto based photographer Vita Cooper was one of the creatives who wanted to catch some of the action for herself. Vita documented O.L’s own  Just John, Quinton and live producer Anzola right in the middle of hacking away at some dry wall and don’t get it confused she got dirty too.








_MG_1891 (1)


Learn more about Omit Limitation’s new gallery space and get involved with our campaign on our Indiegogo here.


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