Listen to I M U R ‘s – “Breathless”

I M U R , an East Vancouver based duo of future soul music just dropped their new track “Breathless” and listening to this track will make you feel exactly as the title states.

This track is their last track of their 6 consecutive releases from their challenge to release a track once a month with no backlog. Jenny Lea’s alluring voice will leave you lost in thought and the production from Mikey J Blige is amazing, giving the track even more life to it.

I M U R will be releasing a 10 track album called “Little Death” planning to release in June and it will include 5 of their originals released and the other 5 being unheard, with a self-produced music video to go with it.

Overall, this track is definitely worth a listen, so let us know what you think in the comments.





Words by: Daniela Campos
Daniela Campos is a contributor for Omit Limitation currently living in Toronto.






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