Listen to Savannah Re’s “Redlight (Freestyle)”

If your into organic beats and music created spontaneously,  you’ll love “Redlight”, a freestyle by Savannah Re. This track was done with one take and the producer, YogiDaProducer made the beat on the spot.

Everything that was created to make this track might seem effortless, and although it was done in one take, it sounds otherwise, yes.. it’s that good.

If you’ve heard Sean Leon’s Europe freestyle then you’ll recognize Savannah Re’s singing in it, and if you dig that, you’ll definitely enjoy her vibes in this new single.

Stay tuned for her music video soon to be released, in the meantime vibe out to “Redlight”.

Don’t sleep on Savannah Re, this track is worth the listen.




Words by: Daniela Campos
Daniela Campos is a contributor for Omit Limitation currently living in Toronto.






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