Seth Dyer Addresses Police Brutality and Racism in”Black Ghosts”

Seth Dyer has just released visuals for “Black Ghosts”, to raise awareness on police brutality, racism, and the loss of people of colour in the world.

Not only has Seth been consistent with content lately, he is creating music that is important to hear and reflect on. With footage of police brutality and Seth rapping in all black, the addition of animations done by Adom Woods add an extra layer of expression that allows the audience to see his words and feel the message.

I had the chance to ask him what inspired him to create this track and release the video—this was his response:

“The violence that I saw happening towards Black people, especially from the police, inspired this song. There was a time in 2016 from February to the end of the summer it just seemed like I was only seeing violence and senseless death. Innocent people were being killed and it seemed to pop up everyday.
…I have a lot of visuals on the way; this song has an incredibly important message so I wanted to make sure I got it out first before some of my other records.” -Seth Dyer 
Watch Seth Dyer’s Black Ghosts video below.


Words by: Daniela (@lunadiosa69)

Daniela Campos is a contributor for Omit Limitation currently living in Toronto

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