Watch Derek Wise’s “Get It Myself”

To anyone that is an artist or simply someone who doesn’t rely on others to succeed and get this money, this track is for you.

Derek Wise reflects on getting it himself, while riding round the city with stacks and throwing money out the car window smiling; Derek doesn’t wait around to get his money. Shot by Zacfacts, this video is dark and gloomy, his last few videos have all been similar in that way, but his aesthetic is very much his own. His experimentation with auto tune to yet make another banger, no one can match his sound.

His latest videos he dropped were RYAN GLAMSLING and BEYOND THE PINES, and as underrated as Derek Wise is, he continues to grow in the underground Toronto scene.

Stay tuned for his debut album dropping January 30th.

Watch Derek Wise’s GET IT MYSELF below. 


Words by: Daniela (@lunadiosa69)

Daniela Campos is a contributor for Omit Limitation currently living in Toronto

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