Dillan Ponders Remixes 6LACK’S “PRBLMS”

Dillan Ponders just recently dropped his album ACID REIGN, and still continues to grind. He just put out visuals for GO DADDY GO and MANDEM, and now has released a REMIX to 6LACK’S PRBLMS.

Anyone who in from the city and doesn’t know who Dillan Ponders is, is sleeping. He is known from being the Kensington Market Toronto rapper who is heavily influenced on and by drugs, which you can easily hear in his music. If you are a fan of Dillan, you know that he is never sober and although some may describe him as an addict or a mess, he is simply just being who he is, and embraces all that he is. He doesn’t care to fit in with anyone, he does what he wants and makes the kind of music that reflects him as a person, and there is nothing wrong with that.

He states that everyone wants to be like everyone else, and do whatever else everyone else is doing in his track HERCULES , well.. Dillan isn’t about that. I really dig his new album a lot because he always stays true to who he is, regardless of what anyone thinks. If you’ve seen him in public, you know he stands out with his style, dreads, and colourful stee, and it’s been that way. He is up front about how he lives, what he does, and still has that spiritual vibe to him, you can actually hear growth with him in his new project and he reflects on others in society.

In the track PRBLMS, he flows on it perfectly. Again, he reflects on his life; being in the zen zone, being under the influence, girls, and being on the way to the top, silencing anyone who hates on him. A lot of his music lately has been a reflection of him evolving as an artist and it is really dope to hear him reflect on other things but still with his druggie vibe.

“Try to find a life that don’t revolve around money, try to find a life that don’t revolve around nothing, cause nothing is something when you look deep enough, try to do something more than keeping up, spread that love I enjoy that shit, stay true to yourself, I employ that shit.” – Dillan Ponders


Words by: Daniela (@lunadiosa69)

Daniela Campos is a contributor for Omit Limitation currently living in Toronto



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