Watch The Visuals For Lex Leosis’ “Snack Size”

Three months ago, Lex Leosis dropped Snack Size, and has now released a fun, colourful video for her fans.

With TV show, film and video game references, Lex rhymes in a room with weed tokes, candy, fruit loops and simply just rhyming on a couch. She kept it simple, yet intriguing in this video as she added black and white visuals with very bright colours as well. The hues in this video are unique. This track is chill due to her vocals and production; making it the perfect song to roll up and smoke to, or think about someone your crushing on. Although it is softer than her usual tracks, she still never disappoints with the bars, but has made this track more versatile, keeping the metaphors still on point, but more approachable wordplay that many can relate to.

If you vibe to this, you can get hype off her new project coming out soon Tomboy, with Snack Size being the first track off of it.

Watch Snack Size below. 


Words by: Daniela (@lunadiosa69)

Daniela Campos is a contributor for Omit Limitation currently living in Toronto

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