Watch These Short But Important Poetry Videos About Donald Trump

CBC Arts recently put out a series of videos featuring local poets such as Sheila Brewster, Patrick De Belen (of BAM Toronto Youth Slam), Shadiya Aidid and Joshua Watkins.  These poets utilize their craft and individual voice to contribute to the discourse about one of the most current and pressing issues of our time – the presidency of Donald Trump.

Let’s keep the dialogue going…

Sheila Brewster –  “…I will not pretend that I see Jesus in the man you elected.”


Patrick De Belen – “…He wears his heart in his pants and the Confederate flag on his sleeve.”


Shadiya Aidid – “…How can one man produce so much pain?”


Joshua Watkins – “…Racists fall quiet like autumn leaves, until DJ Trump sounds the alarm so they can breathe.”

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