Our O’s

JOHN SAMUELS| Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Staff Writer, Event Manager, Artist
Location: Toronto, Canada | Twitter: @JustJohnForReal | Website

ANDREW J. DAVY A.K.A “ADAVYRAW”  | Head of Multimedia, Staff Cinematographer, Staff Photographer, Staff Writer for #Underground Location: Toronto, Canada | Twitter: @ADavyRaw | Facebook Page: Andrew J. Davy Photography

BRIANNA ROYE| Head of Photography, Photo editor, Staff Photographer, Staff Writer for #Underground
Location: Toronto, Canada | Portfolio: Tumblr  Website

GLENN PRITCHARD | Staff Writer for Power & Politics, Staff Photographer
Location: Toronto, Canada | Twitter: @gg9man | Facebook Page: Glenn Pritchard Photography

NICOLE VISENTIN |  Staff Writer, Graphic Designer
Location: Guelph, Canada | Twitter: @lifeofviz

QUINTON COSTLEY | Business Management & Marketing Team, Public Relations, Marketing Team, Content Editor
Location:Edmonton, Canada

Location: Toronto, Canada | Portfolio: 5-18blogspot.ca

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