#Vibeout | 2013’s Top 25 Rap Videos.

Now that 2013 has come to an end, it is now time for that yearly recap we all love.
2013 was a great year for music videos. So lets take a look at the 2013’s Top 25 Rap Music Videos based off creativity, aesthetics & the popularity of the song itself.

25. Drake – Take Care ft. Rihanna

24. A$AP Ferg – Shabba Ranks

23. Trinidad James – All Gold Everything (Remix) ft. T.I., Jeezy, 2Chainz

22. Big Sean – Beware ft. Lil’ Wayne, Jhene Aiko

21. T.I – Memories Back Then ft. B.O.B., Kendrick Lamar

20. Lil Wayne – Rich As Fuck ft. 2Chainz

19. Drake – Hold On ft. Majid Jordan

18.  J Cole – Power Trip

17. Kendrick Lamar – Poetic justic ft. Drake

16. Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools (Drank)

15. A$AP Rocky – Bad Bitches ft. Drake, 2Chainz, Kendrick Lamar

14. Eminmen – Monster ft. Rihanna

13. 2Chainz – I’m Different

12. French Montana – Ain’t Worried About Nothing

11. Nicki Minaj – Super Bass

10. Lil Wayne – No Worries ft. Detail

9. Nicki Minaj – High School ft.  Lil’ Wayne

8. Eminmen – Berzerk

7. Rich Homie Quan –  Better Watch What You Sayin’

6. Sage The Gemini – Red Nose

5. YG – My Nigga ft. Jeezy, Rich Homie Quan

4. Ace Hood – Bugatti ft. Future, Rick Ross

3. Mike WiLL Made-It “23″ ft. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J

2. Lil’ Wayne – Love Me ft. Drake, Future

1. Drake – Stared From The Bottom

I’m sure we can all agree that 2013 was a great year for music videos and I can’t wait to see what artists and directors have in-store for 2014
Posted by: Andrew J. Davy|@ADavyRaw

#TheAlleyTo: Prove the Truth returns for part II

Seeing familiar faces from the last Alley was always pleasant, and out of the crowd, as the chill, laid-back dude, Jacob stood out to me for all the right reasons. To start off, this man is filled to the brim with talent. His ideology when it comes to music and how he goes about it is the most relaxed and stress-free approach I’ve seen anyone take. Prove the Truth, the stage name he goes by, is currently a 22-year old aspiring rapper part of the musical duo of Noisy Neighbors. Him and his partner in crime, Phresh, have been rapping for around seven years together, and both Phresh and Truth had decided it was time for each of them to really bring what they have out on the table by doing solo performances at the upcoming Alley on November 9th.

A little about Truth: he’s just “real” (I see what you did there.) He calls himself a “real person” who just happens to rhyme. There is nothing more to it; he just likes the poetry that incorporates itself to rap music. Since the mere age of nine or ten, Truth began rapping in elementary school. Back then, free-styling in grade 4 was easy. You could make two things rhyme with each other, regardless of how unrelated they were, and people still thought you had mad skills. Truth actually loved hip-hop, however. He had a deep rooted appreciation for that ill genre of music. Upon asking about his influence, he began laughing and repeatedly said “Don’t judge me, man. Don’t judge me okay? Believe it or not, Lil Wayne was my first music influence. For some reason, I just loved his art.” Well, in all honesty, Lil Wayne definitely has skills, he’s just been a little…invested lately in an infatuation of a certain genital area (tryina keep this G rated.) However, Truth admits not only to this fun fact, but also the fact that he loves all music and enjoys incorporating the different elements each genre and music type has to offer and plays around with it till the right sound clicks.  He specifically picks instruments that he feels will make him and his music stand out and actually has a side talent of also playing the keyboard.

He tells me “Music is timeless, you feel me? That’s why I got into it in the first place. You can leave a lot behind in the world and if one of those things is good music, then you’ve accomplished something great.” Truth tries to make music for everybody; he always tries to preserve a moment and a feeling into his music. He doesn’t set restrictions on his style or his choice of genre because he tries to stay omitting limitations (hurrah! It’s catching on!) “I consider myself blessed. Life is too short to stay focusing on the negative, and that’s what I try to eliminate is negativity. I keep it real because I know that I’m the one that decides where I go from now on. In 5 years? I just want to share my music. For me, it’s like what John Lennon said, ‘Life is what you make happen.’ So that’s what I’m [going to] try to do. Just make it happen.”

Well, I mean that works for me. Does it work for you? Check out Prove the Truth’s performance at The Alley Pt. II on November 9th! You can get all the information here.

Shar- @sriffa_xo

Produced by John Samuels/ @JustJohnForReal

Photography done by: Jessie Gregoire

Cinematography done by: Andrew J. Davy / @ADavyRaw