#Vibeout With Renee #TheAlleyTO

She just gets it, Renee knows hows to get you moving with a great voice and wonderful message, she’ll be joining  the stacked line up performing at “The Alley.”

Representing truth, and unity. Renee’s music draws out all her emotions, ideals, and life experiences through the notes she sings, and crescendos she executes.

Re, is truly a lover of life and I’m hopeful for her to kill the show…plus her cut off in this interview is too gully (says this in a reggae voice.)

Check out Renne’s interview (above)

The Alley is the first event Omit Limitation is media sponsoring, and you can expect some of the most promising talent from the city. So book that day off and be there, the event page to find more information is in the following link, https://www.facebook.com/events/454965314587465/?fref=ts

Written by: John Samuels/ @JustJohnForReal

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